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So what exactly goes into the costs of hiring a quality wedding or party DJ?

Here are just some of the things to consider:

Experience - Most of what you are paying for is the actual "quality" of the DJ/Entertainer, the number of years the individual has been in this line of work. Not only the number of years but the type and quality of events they have done in the past. Have they worked with major companies, done numerous event similar to the one your are planning. Have they ever played at public events. All things to consider in "experience" because this will tell you a lot about what you can expect from your DJ. After all great service is never cheap and cheap service is never great so you really do "get what you pay for". For a little more about this go to our FAQ page to see what others have thought after their event was over.
Equipment - In our business quality equipment is not common and the main reason for this is price. Just one Mackie self powered speaker cost over $600.00 and that does not even include the speaker stand or the cables. Take as another example just one of our Rane® TTM57 performance mixers cost over $1,200.00 again this does not include all the other necessary cables and other equipment, a pair of DJ headphones alone cost about $200.00 and interesting comparison to do iUs to call an audio rental company and do a cost comparison, you will find that to rent a set up like the ones we use will cost close to $700.00 in just equipment alone not to mention the cost of having over 50,000 songs and a professional who has at least 5 years of experience.
Insurance - Doing business registered in CA requires for us to carry liability insurance specifically for DJ services. We have to have about $1,000,000.00 in coverage in order to entertain in most Southern CA venues.
Time - How long you require the services is usually all you pay for but what you may not realize is that a quality DJ service will meet with you prior to your event as needed at no additional cost to you. There are also numerous "backstage" hours spent on organizing and crating a playlist catered to your likes and dislikes. Then there are also the hours spent on loading and unloading heavy audio equipment setting it up properly sound checking and breaking it all down all with out you ever seeing all the preparation that goes into each and every event, not to mention all the countless hours of practice that was spent by our DJs to allow them to be at a performance level that we can stand behind.
Service - Our DJs will meet with as often as you need, they will help you in the planning acting in the capacity of a coordinator for the day. We help in creating a schedule of events as well as a time line for them, then we finalize it with your approval and bring extra copies for all the other vendors such as photographers, video staff and of course the catering staff to make sure everyone is on the same page.
“The lighting portion of the service was unbelievable, I was overwhelmed when I saw the room totally lit up - completely exceeded my expectations!!!” Nicole - 11/26/11

Only an experienced company will be able to provide all these mentioned things within a reasonable price and provide you with a written contract to back it all up. We are confident that our services far outweigh our package fees and that we are actually providing an excellent service at a very attainable price. Remember that most couples after the vows wish they had allocated more of their budget towards entertainment. Contact one of our representatives or join our mailing list to receive seasonal coupons or offers from us or our affiliates.