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  • Premiere Events Group, Best Wedding DJs in Orange County - 2013 Brides Choice Award Winner Premiere Events Group, Best Wedding DJs in Orange County - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner
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You don't want a corny emcee who tries to steal the spotlight by making the event about themselves do you?! You don't want a DJ who doesn't know which songs to play because they aren't reading your crowd. You certainly don't want a DJ who can't even do seamless blends to keep your dance floor filled and keep the energy going, or a DJ who waits until the entire song plays and then starts the next song. You definitely don't want a DJ who doesn't even own their own equipment and are just "trained" to use the company gear because this is just a part time, weekend, side job!

You want a DJ/Emcee who is polished, natural and is heard clearly on the mic, who makes the event about you, a DJ that ensures everything runs perfectly and that all the guests are having a great time not left guessing about what is happening next.

“Overall, we had a great experience with the company and plan on referring them in the future to engaged couples.” JH80 - 05/15/2011

Imagine a DJ who can blend music just like you her on the radio's best mix shows or the hottest clubs but can incorporate all your specifically requested songs while playing all the hits. A DJ who can seamlessly blend different genres and styles to keep everyone dancing, who can creatively read your crowd and play the right song at the right time.

Here at Premiere Events Group all of our DJs are experienced professionals who are passionate about the art of being a real DJ. Our broad spectrum of experience includes DJ/Emcees who aren't merely just wedding or mobile disc jockeys but have held resident DJ positions at some of the hottest night clubs in the area, they are professional remixers, radio personalities, professional music producers, and are all amazing and talented DJs. We hand pick our DJs based on the following 10 criteria:

Professional appearance, approachable demeanor, always friendly attitude, ability to be extremely helpful, trustworthy and flexible
Outstanding mix abilities (transitions/blends), scratching abilities, general music knowledge (multiple genres)
Natural voice that commands a room without being overbearing (we also offer bilingual emcees)
Knowledge of event flow and planning
High end audio & lighting equipment, trouble shooting & problem solving skills for audio and lighting issues, professional set up procedures
5 years minimum experience servicing professional events (weddings, corporate, private)
Held at least two club residencies for a minimum of six months
Wide selection of music and music videos (all genres)
Minimum of 40,000 files in music/video library
Reliable transportation to arrive early to every event